FAQ | Seal Press Ambassadors

Who are Seal Ambassadors?

Seal Ambassadors are Seal Press brand ambassadors who review and share Seal Press books with their community.


How do Seal Ambassadors promote Seal Press books?

Seal Ambassadors share books across their social channels, blogs, and/ or podcasts. They also share their reviews on platforms like Goodreads or their favorite retailer’s websites.

Ambassadors receive a quarterly newsletter with the latest Seal Press book news and upcoming new releases. Ambassadors select the books they’re most interested in promoting within their community then review and share across their channels.


Why should I join Seal Ambassadors?

  • Get a first look at Seal Press’s exciting new releases
  • Stay in the loop on all Seal Press book news
  • Exclusive access to author events, advance copies, book merchandise, and more
  • Chance to be featured on Seal Press’s Instagram
  • Share groundbreaking, boldly conceived books with your community


How can I join Seal Ambassadors?