New Year Cocktail: Put a Ring On It

Holiday: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day brunch

No, we’re not talking about that catchy tune by Beyoncé. We’re talking about ringing in the New Year with a proper cocktail.

Put a Ring On It Cocktail

Recipe by Bottiglia, originally called the Fresca Fizz

4 to 6 raspberries
10 to 12 mint leaves
¾ oz. Wilks & Wilson raspberry gomme syrup
1-½ oz. Grey Goose vodka or Sapphire East Gin
¾ oz. lemon juice
1-½ oz. Prosecco
glass: Collins
garnish: lemon wheel, mint spear, and raspberry

Place raspberries, 6 mint leaves, and raspberry syrup into bottom of a shaker. Gently muddle (press muddler into fruit, leaves, and syrup about 3 times) fruit, herbs, and syrup. Add rest of ingredients except for Prosecco, top with ice, and shake vigorously for about 60 seconds. Pour in Prosecco and stir gently. Place remaining 6 leaves into bottom of glass, top with crushed ice, then strain cocktail into glass. Garnish with a mint spear, lemon wheel, and raspberry.