Choosing You

Deciding to Have a Baby on My Own

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Apr 29, 2008

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Choosing You is the deeply honest memoir of one woman’s decision to brave pregnancy and motherhood alone.

All her adult life, Alexandra Soiseth has wanted a husband, children, dogs and cats — a busy, loving, home. But at thirty-nine, with no husband on the horizon, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

She googles for sperm.

Choosing You is Alexandra’s memoir. With humor and heart, she shares the often gut-wrenching reality she faces in having a baby on her own: a mother and father who disapprove, friends who think she’s crazy, a society that thinks she’s selfish. But it is her struggle with weight and self image, possible infertility, and the terror of bringing a child into this world without a father that almost stops her from getting what she wants most — a family.

Alexandra’s story shows us all that with a little guts, a lot of love, and the internet, almost anything is possible.

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