Body Positive Power

Because Life Is Already Happening and You Don't Need Flat Abs to Live It

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Sep 11, 2018

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A body-positive call to arms that’s as inspirational as it is practical, from Instagram star Megan Jayne Crabbe

For generations, women have been convinced that true happiness only comes when we hit that goal weight, shrink ourselves down, and change ourselves to fit a rigid and unrealistic beauty ideal. We’ve been taught to see our bodies as collections of problems that need to be fixed.

Instagram star Megan Jayne Crabbe is determined to spread the word that loving the body you have is the real path to happiness. An international body positive guru with fans in all corners of the world, Megan spent years battling eating disorders and weight fluctuations before she found her way to body positivity. She quit dieting, discovered a new kind of confidence, and replaced all those old feelings of body shame and self-recrimination with everyday joy. Free of the pressure to fit in a size 2, her life became more satisfying than ever before.

In her debut book, Megan shares her own struggles with self-acceptance and her path to body positivity. With whip-smart wit and a bold attitude that lights up her Instagram feed, Megan champions a new worldview for all of us: It’s time to stop dieting and get on with your life.

Meet The Author: Megan Jayne Crabbe

Instagram star Megan Jayne Crabbe and her body-empowerment messages have been featured around the world on the Today show and in People, Teen Vogue, HelloGiggles, Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Redbook, Refinery29, Buzzfeed, and more. She lives in the UK.

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"Megan Jayne Crabbe... isn't letting critics get in the way of her confidence."—The TODAY Show
"Her message is simple, but incredibly healing."—Bustle
"[Megan has] gained a confidence and an understanding of herself that few truly possess. Brava, Megan Jayne!"—Allure
"[Body Positive Power] will make you laugh, cry, and love yourself a lot harder."—Hello Giggles
"Insightful, inspiring, incredible."—Ravishly
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