Back to Earth

What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet—And Our Mission to Protect It

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781541675049

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ON SALE: October 12th 2021

Genre: Nonfiction / Science / Space Science


Inspired by insights gained in spaceflight, a NASA astronaut offers key lessons to empower Earthbound readers to fight climate change

When Nicole Stott first saw Earth from space, she realized how interconnected we are and knew she had to help protect our planetary home.

In Back to Earth, Stott imparts essential lessons in problem-solving, survival, and crisis response that each of us can practice to make change. She knows we can overcome differences to address global issues, because she saw this every day on the International Space Station. Stott shares stories from her spaceflight and insights from scientists, activists, and changemakers working to solve our greatest environmental challenges. She learns about the complexities of Earth’s biodiversity from NASA engineers working to enable life in space and from scientists protecting life on Earth for future generations. Ultimately, Stott reveals how we each have the power to respect our planetary home and one another by living our lives like crewmates, not passengers, on an inspiring shared mission

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“In Back to Earth, my former space crewmate Nicole Stott poignantly captures what astronauts experience when viewing the Earth from space: a life-changing view of our beautiful yet fragile home, one that is in need of our stewardship. A must read for all of those who care about this planet—which should be all of us.”—Astronaut Scott Kelly, New York Times-bestselling author of Endurance
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